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Created in 2000, 3 cabanes starts with the creation and the edition of contemporary huts with the purpose of a World Exhibition in Paris and a display of 13 huts. These events are expected for 2017. Its founder, Jean-Guillaume Mathiaut, the architect and designer, a successful candidate of the Van Alen Institute had a really unusual way to develop his art. 

First, he was a project manager for Edouard François, then a consultant for the luxury industry. Finally, he went into the creation and the edition of furniture: Antoine et Manuel, Florence Doléac… then he came back to architecture profession with the installation of the Issey Miyake boutique workshop, rue Royale and the creation of a series of cabins and other small contemporary architecture.

He also achieved a series of atypical projects such as La Boîte à Dodo, labarricabane, hollywood pig, les Meubles ville, les Mask d’Architecture,  Le Casque OEil, La building Soup ou La Maison en ligne.


Anna ma fille

Issey Miyake, Hervé Sauvage, Etienne Daho, Daniel Schweizer, Nicolas Ghesquière, Nathalie Marrec,  Florence Doléac, Allan Vega, Antoine et Manuel , Marc Bonnet et Yvette Van der Linde , Karel Balas et Isis combréas, Loic bigot et Laurence Vayson de Pradenne ,Hermine de Clermont -Tonnerre, Rei Kawakubo, Yohji Yamamoto, Burt Bacharach, Philippe Houze, Guillaume Houze, Levana et Judith Milgrom, Marie France Cohen , Philippe Virginie Stéphanie Person, Jean-Luc Choplin, Philippe Jousse, Alexandre Labasse, Anne José Arlot, Jean-Jacques Aillagon, Pierre Bergé, Yves Saint Laurent, Michel Cultru,  Andrée Putmann, Nicolas Ouchenir, Hugo Matha, Serge Rachmaninoff, Mathieu Chausseron, Mathieu Buard,  Pierre Alain Bigot, Patrick Aidan, Oan et Antoon Krings, Mai Linh, Benoit et Hervé Maugrion, Fabio Del Signor, Nicolas et Mathieu Blin, Alexandre, Caroline et Stéphane, Sabra, Victoire , Adama, Olivier, Thiaba, Maya, Daniel, Jean-Yves, Constance Guenari, Julie Safirstein, Michelle, Mariama, Kirka, Sunya, Chanta, Brian, Azedine, Claude Lévèque, la famille Messina....